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Related article: Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 23:28:14 EST From: Subject: tray and jay 57"Adventures of Tray and Jay 57" PART 57: LAST CHANCE FOR A TOUGH GUYDon't ask me how guys like Dwayne get ignored by the school system, see, unless you want to hear me really go off. Because I don't have the answers, and it pisses the hell out of me! Dwayne's 20, and I'm just a year older, but that was the only obvious resemblance. I thought I'd had some bum raps in my time, but Dwayne set me straight, so to speak. While I've always taken things like home and family and, and -- oh, hell, I don't know, just the chance to BE somebody -- for granted, Dwayne has been out scrapping for food and fighting for his life since before he was old enough to fuck! And I've been getting it on all that time, since before MY nuts dropped! But there's no time for that old shit now.See, what really makes me boil is that if Dwayne hadn't been busted by the cops for leaning over some convenience counter and helping himself to the money in the drawer -- on camera -- and then had his narrow ass hauled before maybe the last, honest-to-god, liberal, female judge left in the world...well, nobody ever would have figured his basic problem out. It's not that simple, okay, because Dwayne has a LOT of quirks to work out, but it all has to start somewhere. And even this time the best the experts could do was identify a symptom that every single school Dwayne ever went to in his miserable young life CHOSE to ignore.Dwayne couldn't read or write.The schools just passed him along! Sure, he could sign his name perfectly -- if you call the crazy cubist-Picasso-Dali hodgepodge of a signature he adopted to fool people perfect! Damn it, the blindness of this world makes me want to cry sometimes! Anyway, thanks to Dwayne's getting beaten and rolled for his denim coat and shit-kicker boots in the middle of winter, and his stumbling and shivering into an all-night store to get help (even though the concept goes against his grain), and his giving in to his nature when nobody came out of the back room, and his lucking out with a judge who gave him one final chance with a new program for young punks who are always getting in trouble with the law, and finally -- FINALLY! -- someone who saw past the wall of rage and foul- mouthed threats...thanks to all of that, Dwayne's secret was spilled. I only met Dwayne because I signed up a year ago to work with illiterate kids. Kids, I told them, not hardened young felons who are bad even by the standards of the state reform system. But I got the call, after I stopped expecting it ever to come, and when I pulled my Jeep into the security lot of the "home" and saw all these cameras on me, I was scared straight already. Before the corrections folks introduced us, they had me sign all kinds of waivers and THEN treated me to a private screening of the videotape they made of Dwayne when he was confronted with his illiteracy.Even in black and white I could tell his short, probably self-cut hair was red, right down to the fuzz on his chin, and his thin face and arms were pale. He wore a dirty rock tank top that revealed buff biceps, and threadbare jeans pocked with holes, and filthy socks because, remember, his boots were stolen the night he was busted. He was sitting down at one of those heavy, metal office tables they use for interrogations, and he was so enraged by the calmness of the counselors that he kept waving his arms all around and smacking the table and screaming out the filthiest language I ever heard (and I'm no prude) so insanely that spit was flying from his mouth in all directions. Sweat shone on his skin.That was when one of the dudes with ties said, "We know you can't read and write, Dwayne, and it's nothing to be ashamed of."Dwayne went totally still and silent. For maybe five seconds.I thought maybe the tape jumped or something, the way Dwayne was all of a sudden on his feet with his chair in his hands over his head, his armpits damp and hairy, his belly revealed and smooth, and a big Lolita Galleries pouch of nuts and dick bulging from where he tucked them way down and along his right thigh. I notice everything, see, even when someone loses it. Dwayne threw that chair at one of the suits, who ducked just in time, and then grabbed the heavy-assed table like it was nothing, and bent his legs to give him more power before hurling that sucker over both of their heads and into the wall. Not waiting for Dwayne to recover, the two other dudes rushed him and took him down, but Dwayne popped them both good -- one in the nuts and eye, the other in the nose. There was blood everywhere, splattering over all three of them. I sat there in shock, watching that crazy young man thrash and squirm, his whole body getting darker with what I realized was a deep flush. The tape kept rolling long enough for Dwayne to slam his forehead into one of the officials' faces and knock him out, when three burly guys, one of them with a straitjacket, ran in. Then it cut out.I stood fast to get the hell out of there, but then I caught one of the state bastards grinning at me, like he knew it all along. So just to fuck with him I stretched and said, "Bring him on."I was scared shitless. I practiced what I might say. Even in my mind my teeth were chattering.The door to the same interview room opened up, and I glanced at the two-way mirror for some reason. I took a deep breath and faced the door again, and Dwayne stumbled forward as if someone had to prod him. He was still in the straitjacket! Instantly my fear was replaced with anger, although I admit I was grateful for the closer view of his even more cramped crotch I was afforded by the strap of the jacket that went tight under his legs. Damn, the dude was packed. Of course the first thing his eyes picked up on was me sitting there scamming on his crotch! I saw the recognition of my faghood in his hostile eyes and sneer when I managed to tear my gaze away from that outrageous bulge.The burly guys pushed Dwayne down in the chair opposite me, and we looked at each other for a good while. His eyes were light green and chilly. I shivered, in fact, which made the punk grin. He was used to the effect, I'm sure."We can't do anything if he's tied up like that," I said to one of the burly guys, and Dwayne looked genuinely horrified by my forwardness. Then he snapped to the purpose of my visit and scowled."This one's an ornery little cuss," one of the guards began."I'm sure if the guys in the video were able to dodge flying objects, so can I," I said, not really as sure of myself as I sounded. Dwayne gnashed his teeth together, eyes glittering, daring me."Okey-dokey," said the guard, and his buddy chuckled. Together they yanked him up from the chair and quickly undid the jacket, and I bit my lower lip as I watched his cock and balls come relatively free and sag in his jeans, and I knew damn well he was studying me as I ogled him. Anyone who knows me knows I aint shy, not at all. Shoved back down in the chair, Dwayne crossed his arms and throttled me with the intensity of his unforgiving gaze."We'll be right outside the door," the okey-dokey guard said. "Scream if you need us."We were locked in the room together. Dwayne didn't look away, he just sat there and stared at me, waiting. What was I supposed to say, to do? Then I started hearing this voice, and pretty soon it was shouting at me, and when that happens I know to go with it. I suddenly had no doubt there was only one thing that interested Dwayne."So tell me about yourself," I said, choking a little, and cleared my throat like I had to cough."FUCK. YOU," he said, only not fast enough to hide the glimmer of something else haunting his eyes."Well, I know you were born in San Diego 20 years and three months ago to a Marine dad and a mother who left when you were three, and somehow you managed to stay with your old man until your twelfth birthday, when you ran away..."He leaned forward fast, on purpose, to scare me, and he succeeded. Then he turned first the back of his left hand toward me and lifted his middle finger, and next his right hand for the same thing, like sign language of his only spoken words so far. I took a deep breath and let it out. I couldn't stop my mouth any more than Dwayne could control his actions."What did he do to you, Dwayne? Really, I want to know."He snorted and opened his mouth, almost losing control and speaking, but shut it again fast and looked away. Cool. He couldn't look me in the eye. That was progress. That was when I saw his cheek tick, and he swallowed. All at once I knew, I mean part of it. How the rest of his life started."Did the bastard beat you so bad, and so often, that finally, maybe a year, or two, or whatever, but eventually you actually started to like it? Did you get off on it? I mean, as far as a little boy can." He went still again, and I knew what that meant, so I decided to back off, fast. I sighed and looked away, at the dreary, institutional green walls."I didn't run away," Dwayne said. Some kind of stubborn pride Lolita Galleries was obvious in his voice, which for the first time I'd heard it was quiet. "I don't run away from shit...""Tray," I introduced myself. "My name. It's Tray.""Do I look like I give a rat's tight ass what you call yourself?" he said, louder, and made a face. He shook his head in disgust and looked away, but then I caught him stealing a glance back at me -- to see how I took it? "Just so you know, it was Gunny that ran away, got it?"I nodded, unable to speak. We didn't get much further that first day, but I went to see him after classes every day but Sunday, and pretty soon it wore him down. We talked about the beatings a little, when I could trick him into it, basically, but mostly he started going on and on about all the running away he supposedly never did. Truly, it was phenomenal, the places he'd been, the jobs he'd had and blown, the people he'd screwed, the things he'd stolen -- oh, and my God, the chicks he'd banged! I liked his detailed narratives of those experiences especially. I know I'm a sick fruit.But more than anything what amazed me were all the chances he'd been given! And thrown away.Well, I didn't have to be a shrink to put my finger on it."You're the most self-destructive fucking human being I've ever met, studly qualities excepted!" I interrupted him one day. "You have a mind like a steel trap!"That got his attention, all right. He stopped completely and thought it over more carefully than anything else I'd said to him up to then. He even smiled, a real one, ear to ear."Yeah," he said, nodding his head. "Yeah, I guess I am. And do. So what?"I couldn't believe it! He agreed with me at last, and it was the worst thing I could have said to him! All I know is, the next time I saw him he was ready to try learning what I was there to teach, and he turned out to be fast. He actually learned the ABCs and all the parts of speech at one sitting. After that there was no going back.It took some persuading, but I can be a real pain in the neck when I want to be, so finally I got the main counselor dude at the home to let me take Dwayne out for a day. They still couldn't believe it wasn't a trick, maybe, that I didn't use mirrors or Lolita Galleries some shit to make it look like Dwayne could read comic books already. Don't laugh -- getting there was the hardest thing that boy ever did.First off we went to Walmart, where I got him a few pairs of new jeans, some warmer shirts, a coat, briefs and socks, all of which set me back about what Lolita Galleries I was planning on spending on something I thought I wanted for myself. I changed my mind, see, and the look on Dwayne's face when he walked out of that store in new duds was worth it.After that we went to pizza near campus, and Dwayne eyed all the students there like they were the enemy or something. I guess he forgot I was one of them."You just don't like them because you think they'd never accept you, that you wouldn't fit in," I said."I don't like them because they've had it easy all their fucking lives!" he shot back. "They never had to work for anything, other than maybe money for movies and popcorn and cell phones! Look at all the fucking, pathetic scumbags with laptops!""Dwayne. Look at me, man." He did, and his face dripped with resentment. "Dude, showing up for classes when you'd rather sleep in and then rushing to some lousy, part- time job and then going home and doing homework every night until you can't see the lines, all of those things are just as hard as running from place to place every time you think people are getting to know you. Maybe harder. There's no such thing as an easy A."Shit. Dwayne looked at me then like I had stabbed him in the back. Under the rage, in his pale green eyes, I saw the hurt, and when he started to slide out of the booth I leaned across and grabbed him hard by both shoulders. If the table hadn't been blocking his arms and hands, he would have knocked my lights out."You're not stupid, Dwayne! Have you stopped to think how long it took all of those kids with laptops out there to learn to read at your present level? A couple of years, minimum. You got there in a few weeks! The only difference is, they did it a long time ago. And they worked their asses off ever since then to make it this far, to college. Most of them, anyway. I was a total jack-off in high school and didn't start to grow up until later. But don't bullshit yourself, man, you're just as intelligent as most of these kids, and as far as the real brains go, fuck them."He looked as scandalized as possible for such a jaded punk, but finally he cracked a smirk that surrendered to a grin. And man, that simple grin, only visible to me because I was close enough and face-to-face, and never bestowed lightly, was like a dog biscuit to me. I managed not to pant and slobber, but my big bad boy got real frisky real fast -- straining his leash! I guess my queer laser eyes flashed too bright, the way his head jerked backward and he glanced away.Okay. Anyone who knows me at all will have foreseen one certainty by this point in the story. The only odd part is that with Dwayne it took me this long. See, I was really afraid I'd lose him, not only as a friend but, even higher on my priority list, as far as letting me continue to tutor him went. I could live with myself if I pissed him off, but I would have kicked myself in the ass for the rest of my life if I destroyed his desire to learn. Anyway, I got him to my apartment at last.Even with all my experience seducing guys, I felt like a dude on his first date. My head was light, my breathing was shallow, and my belly was almost as overheated and tingly as the single-minded monster tenting the front of my khakis. I'd had a full-on rager all the way from the pizza joint, and I knew Dwayne had noticed, even if I only caught him looking once, as we were walking from the street to my apartment. But all Lolita Galleries guys pick up on that kind of thing, whether they're looking for it or not.I snagged a couple of brews from the fridge and held one up to see if he was interested, and from the look of relief and nod of his head I concluded he could use a little help relaxing, too. We hadn't spoken a word the whole way to my place, see. I wasn't sure about Dwayne, but I wasn't sure I could trust my voice not to crack, I was that uptight. So we still hadn't opened our mouths when I Lolita Galleries led him to my bedroom and quietly turned the deadbolt.Dwayne stopped at the foot of my bed and slowly sipped his beer as he turned even slower to take in all the photos of young men -- and a few boys -- most of which I took myself. I mean, I took the pics, not just the studs in them! I waited breathlessly for his verdict. He had turned full circle, and his back was to me again, when he finished. I could see his head nodding a little."Relax, Tray, I pegged you first time I laid eyes on you -- or, you know, the other way around," he said, and turned to me. He wasn't giving away any more than that, the bastard.I just took a deep breath and let it out as slowly as I could manage. It's silly, I know, but Dwayne is one of those rare real men, so the idea of getting in his jeans was a little off in fantasyland. So when he sat on the edge of the bed, I stayed on my feet and decided to let him have the satisfaction of observing, if he chose to, the obvious signs of my torment. Suddenly he arched his back and threw his arms over his head and stretched and yawned, his eyes shut tight, and his heavy new shirt pulled out to show off that awesome hard belly of his -- plus the gray band of his fresh cotton boxer briefs.I allowed myself a fast squeeze of my rock hard-on, my eyes drooping as a squirt of precum flowed between my hip and my Tommys. While his eyes were still closed and I got to watch his fine young body uncoil right there on my fucking bed -- !!!!! -- I felt bolder and asked him something that had been on my mind. "Don't take this the wrong way, dude, but I can't help wondering, see. I mean, all these years you've been on your own, going from state to state, town to town, never knowing where your next meal or bed or shower would come from -- well, shit, I have to know one thing: did you ever do anything that, you know, just to survive, but that you wouldn't normally ever talk about?"There was that grin again, and he opened his eyes and fixed them on me."Did I sell my ass, you mean?" he asked in a friendly tone that made my shoulders sag in relief."Yeah, well, maybe not even that far," I hedged. "Maybe more like, hell, I don't know, whatever, like dropping your pants and letting some cocksucker -- uh, do you -- for a quick twenty."He took so damn long to answer, and his eyes roamed all over, so my hopes and pecker were both lifted! He sat up again."Tray, man, I'm sorry, really I am. I wish I could give you a cheap thrill with freaky- assed tales of blowjobs at rest stops or fudge-packing in dark parks." He must have seen my face fall. He cleared his throat, and when he spoke again his voice was real low, hushed. "Look, it's like this. I ALMOST did -- whatever, once. Okay, maybe twice. You get the point. But I didn't even LIKE any of them, let alone enough for something like that. I'd have to really like someone a lot, man." All of a sudden he looked away. "And even then, I don't know if I could GIVE anything in the deal, you know? You understand? I'm only saying all this shit because you've been cool to me, I mean I really like you...."Dwayne stopped short of whatever was coming next, like he'd said the wrong thing, and at first I didn't snap to what it was. When it hit me, my mouth fell open! He looked like he might get sick and flushed totally red in the face. Then he crashed onto his back again and put his hands to his head, which he squeezed and rubbed. His legs were parted, and I saw his bare belly again going up and down, up and down, and...OH, MY GOD.Something was awakening inside the dude's pants, see, and not just in his pants but all through his lean, mean body. Something I'm positive never happened to him before, I mean under those circumstances. Alone with another young man in a bedroom, on the other guy's bed, even.What was I supposed to do? Really? Stand there like a lame ass?Fuck that! I walked over to him and could feel the tension in the air. When I stopped, between his knees that were still spread so trustingly there before me, I thought to myself, Tray, DUDE, are you fucking NUTS? But his were right there all balled up along his thigh, and I knew he was perfectly aware of me and where I was. Well, he sure as shit was when I went down to my knees and they popped! I took another deep breath, and by the time I started to let it back out my face was inches from the button of his jeans, so without having even touched him yet I saw the bottom of his shirt rustle and the vulnerable, exposed part of his stomach twitch.The point of no return, see.There's a sound a man makes, a real man anyway, when he's waiting for something sexy to happen and pretending not to be, and then the deed is done. A bunch of sounds, see, all balled up together, trapped, waiting to explode. A grunt, a groan, a whoosh of breath forced from his lungs by the spazzing muscles of his powerful chest, a small choke -- and finally, a whimper. A manly whimper, sure, but a whimper nevertheless.All that's what I made Dwayne do when I let my hands settle on his thighs, right above his knees, plus his entire body going BOING, not just his trapped dick that seemed to have a mind of its own bent on reaching out to my firm, long-fingered hands. His arms fell from his face, his wet, red lips parted wide with those amazing green eyes of his that wordlessly implored me not to expect anything in return...Damn, but that boy still had no idea what gets me off! All I was thinking right then, that insane moment, was giving him the best, most intensive education every young guy should be so lucky to get at least once in his life! With that goal underlined at the top of my mental syllabus, I took the fully hard and throbbing form of his huge prick in one hand while I squeezed his massive, loose balls through the soft cloth of his new pants.The shuddering panting of his pent-up needs drove me over the edge. I swear I really tried to BITE through the crotch of his jeans to get to the prize inside, like my mouth was the stick in the hands of a little kid whacking away at a pi�ata! The light blue, pre- washed jeans got real wet and dark fast, and Dwayne's hands gripped my head and mashed it down on his dick."Shit!" he finally gasped, then more of the same, over and over: "Shit. Shit. SHIT! Oh, mother of SHIIIITTTT!"Like that, see. Sometimes head can be such a blast, even with your pants still zipped up, that all of your mental and reasoning powers abandon you. Believe me, I know! I'm one hellacious cocksucker! And I was in no hurry.So I eased myself higher up over his taut body and with my teeth pulled free the button at the top of his jeans, then did the same to his zipper! Pausing down there only long enough to sample the heady aroma of his worked-up crotch region, I set my sights higher again. I started unbuttoning his shirt, and with every new advance my mouth softly kissed the quivering flesh of his stomach and chest. When the shirt was all the way open and spread wide to cool him off, I sucked one of Dwayne's already hard nipples, then the other, biting as hard as he could stand it -- which was pretty fucking hard! Still he groaned and came close to forcing my head back down where he thought it should be, but I was feeling braver and held my ground."Any chick ever suck you this way, dude?" I whispered. All he could do was shiver and shake his head no. I laughed evilly and bit them harder!Finally I was all the way on top of him, my face buried in his neck and kissing him there, but before I knew what was happening I lost it and started to give him a hickey!"UH! NO WAY, TRAY!"He pulled back and was all the way up on the bed, exactly where I wanted him, with me still on top. His hands were up defensively between us. I looked right in his eyes, lowered my face to his, and right when our lips would have met he turned his head fast to the side. So I took what I could get, slamming my tongue in his ear until his arms shot out to his sides again in shock. Then I felt his hands take hold of my biceps, really strong. His fingers tightened more and more as I slurped on his sweet ear until I felt him about to pass out beneath me.The poor dude needed a break! I pushed up and off of him and crawled off the bed. He took a deep breath, shook his head clear, and focused his eyes on me again. Slowly I undressed before him and watched as his curiosity apparently got the better of him! Fuck, was I excited! I could see his eyes struggling Lolita Galleries against his need to know where he stood with me in a certain area important to all men.When my soaking wet Tommys were all that kept me from being buck naked, his eyes had given up the fight and were glued to the impressive tent my dick made. I bent forward and pushed them down, so he couldn't see clearly until I was ready, and when he swallowed hard in unbearable doubt I let my underwear drop to my ankles and stood straight. My pecker flapped hard to attention, the slick head against my furry belly button...And Dwayne, with mixed admiration and relief, swallowed again and licked his lips! I just stood there, my Lolita Galleries eyes roving over his beautiful but still-clothed form, until he got the message and grinned! Oh, my fucking god, what that grin did to me. I saw a look of shock on his face then, and following his eyes to my cock I watched as a clear stream of precum oozed out of my jumping cock-head and stretched in one long piece all the way to the floor. Dwayne hurried up then and was totally nude at last.The sexy bastard knew he owned me, see. He lay back with his hands behind his head, one knee bent a little and off to the side, his other leg straight...and his UNCUT pecker, fully extended in his heat and close enough to a foot long not to argue the point, but slender enough to consider going all the way down on, spazzing and bobbing all over the damn place! All of his hair was the same perfect shade of red, from his head to his pits to the place between his buff pecs, then nothing but smooth plains down to his full bush that was wet with his own excitement, and finally his long legs, covered with downy, shiny fine hairs.Approaching my target from the side, I lifted a leg and straddled his mid-section, letting his dancing cock tease my butthole and watching as his eyes drooped again. His hands went automatically to my strong runner's thighs, in case I was maybe thinking of sticking my prick in his mouth or some crazy fag thing like that. He pushed just firmly enough to keep me where I was without being too rude, you know! I ground my ass down onto his dick, and he relaxed fast. In fact his hands slid to my hips as his started moving up and down, pumping his piece deeper in my crack, and he watched my face for clues of what he was supposed to do!Well, I sure as hell wasn't going to let him leave without getting what he wanted, all of it, but just then I had other plans. I reached down to his shoulders and tugged on them until he sat up unsurely, ready to avert his face again in case I tried to move on those tasty- looking, juicy red lips of his. But when he was sitting up, with me sitting on his dick and his knees automatically up for balance behind me, I slowly ran my fingers through his short, uneven red hair...And he sighed! His eyes closed in deep pleasure as I kept stroking him that way, both of us loving the simple act that was somehow more intimate than a lot of other things guys can do together. The breath from his nose -- because his mouth was shut tight in his ecstasy -- pounded against my chest in rhythm with the pulsing of his penis against my tight anus! I took him in my arms, and for one of the most beautiful, long moments of my life we were joined more closely than I had dared to hope. His skin against mine made me throb all over.Then without warning, his eyes flew open in horror, and he pushed me off of him, but not hard enough to throw me from the bed. I was afraid I'd broken some weird straight boy rule or something, who knew, but I followed his eyes to his prick and noticed, mixed in with the massive load of precum that had flowed from that stud, definite signs of creamy sperm.Fuck, he had almost come when we I took him in my arms! Again his eyes begged me, but for what I wasn't sure. Tentatively, I put a hand on his belly again and saw him flinch, his eyes glazing over in pleasure, so I went for it. I ran my fingers easily down the tender length of his drippy pole, which literally jumped up into my hand -- I mean, shit, what could I do but grab the sucker?"Shit, Tray, watch what you do, man! I might squirt or something if you're not -- oh, god -- CAREFUL!"I dove for his cock then because I knew he was a split second from nutting, and my face was there just in time to catch the first rocket blast between my eyes! I lay my head sideways against his pubes and belly, closed my eyes in total satisfaction, and jacked him viciously to get the rest of his studly load out. Every squirt of it ended up on my face, all over my face, see, forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks, chin, neck, hair, ears, lips! The pungent scent of his seed combined with the force of each shot and the outrageous spasming of his foot-long manhood damn near made me loose my own load!All good things have to end, of course, as did that first ejaculation of Dwayne's. I lay there moaning in joy, loving the violent shaking of his still-getting-off young body. Then I ventured up on my side to enjoy the look of peace and satisfaction on his flushed face. He was looking right at me, too, and when he saw his spunk coating my face his eyes bugged out! I got on my knees again, stuck my jiz-slick face to his manly balls, and worked my way, licking Lolita Galleries and slurping, all the way up from his groin to his neck again, letting his juices spread evenly over my whole face and his skin.When we were face to face again, Dwayne took me in his arms and reversed our positions, with him ending up on top and his full weight pressing down on me. It was my turn to struggle against throwing my load! But I couldn't have foreseen, or controlled my reaction to, what he did next! No fucking way! He started LICKING his own stuff off my face -- every inch of my face, even my...OH, FUCK! MY LIPS!He didn't even actually kiss me, okay, but what he did -- that hot, gentle, passing gift of his sperm-and-spit-dripping lips and flick of his tongue over my mouth -- well, shit! I bucked up into him, and he wrapped a strong arm behind my neck and another under my back and just held on while I thrashed all the way off! I can't describe the ecstasy, see, between my legs and in my skull and through my entire body, from being serviced in such an original way by a straight dude! The unselfish, lusty, open-minded, giving response of a man I knew was straight to the core, just so I could share the pleasure he was telling me better than with words that I'd given him!When my nuts stopped spitting out the Lolita Galleries fruitful product of their labors, I sagged between Dwayne's rock hard body and the sweaty sheets of my bed, and we Lolita Galleries lay there panting and gasping together until he actually chuckled! I picked up on the sense of total release fast, and we were both laughing our asses off! When he rolled off me and onto his side, his dick still hard and nestled against my hip, him up on an elbow with his head resting on his fist so I could see and smell his strong armpit, he took in the unbelievable, wet mess of our Lolita Galleries climaxes that was beginning to dry all over our bodies. He even reached over to me and rubbed our come in circles into my skin. He stopped when he felt my heart pounding inside my chest, and what he did then I'll never forget for the rest of my life!Dwayne got this weird, startled look, as if what we had done wasn't enough, and slowly lowered his ear to my chest and laid it flat there -- and listened to the rapid thumps of my heart pumping blood through my body. And just then I felt some of that blood flow into my dick again, making it harder than ever. And Dwayne saw it too, I guess, because before I had a clue what he was going to do next, he reached down and touched my throbbing cock! Just out of curiosity at first, maybe, or whatever, who knows, but then something else, because he made this unexpected happy-amused-laugh-grunt sound and wrapped his rough fingers around it and let our mixed spunk lube it while he warmly fisted me!He jacked me with his right hand and slid down so he could put his other arm over my middle, and then with his free hand he cupped my big, loose balls and stroked them with his fingers and thumb. It only took a couple minutes of that, actually, before I knew what was coming, but I was too shocked to say anything. When my body tightened up and my back arched and my legs splayed out to the sides, Dwayne caught on fast and beat me faster and nastier!Fuckin-A! I fired off another big load, my whole body on fire and convulsing. When I could open my eyes again, I saw Dwayne down there grinning, still jacking me to get all the sperm out. His arm that was over my middle was covered with streaks of my spunk, which he wiped up with other hand and used to stroke me still more!The look in his eyes when they finally turned back to me was something totally wild! The boy had more plans, obviously, and I was willing then to do whatever he asked or demanded of me. I waited for him to take me, see, because I knew that was his real nature. He eased back onto his elbow again and wiped up some stray puddles of jiz from my front side, and one gob that suddenly appeared from my Lolita Galleries piss-hole, and rolled me over so I was face down on the bed. I closed my eyes and started breathing in and out fast, to relax myself before it was too late!The feel of his stiff fingers working my own fresh load up my own broken in but still tight as hell rear hole scared me, I have to admit. I didn't know if he'd be capable of controlling his impulses when the time came to shove it in, and despite my experience in these matters there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, see. I grabbed a pillow and pulled it down under me, my arms wrapped around it like that might help when he started buggering me.I saw a condom in the nightstand at the same time his hand appeared in my view and snatched it up. Then I heard the package tear open and drop to the floor, and that hot rubbery sound as it stretched over his massive cock-head and rolled down the huge length of his shaft. Fuck-a-duck, what have I gotten myself into, is all I could think. Dwayne leaned forward and let his legs grip the sides of min, his tool poised on the brink of my favorite part of my body."Dude! Wait!" I begged him, right when he was about to go for it. "Give me a hand!" He was confused. "I mean a hand, one of your hands!" So he put one hand to my face, and I turned it palm up to my mouth and hawked a great big wad in it, and he knew what to do, the fucking god boy. He worked it all over the gloved shaft of his cock, lay on top of me, and guided it to my chute again. "I'm completely at your mercy now, man." I even paused, see, as if there might be more to say. "Remember that, okay?"In my heart of hearts I expected the worst, so when his huge man-of-war penetrated my dark passage without even a warning shot over my bow, I tightened up reflexively and battened down for the full attack still to come. In the end (ha-ha-ha), his weapon was like a torpedo de
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